garden party --canvas or leather???

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  1. which is a better option for garden party and also can u post some pictures of ur garden party bag please
  2. Gosh, I love them both! I have a 35cm potiron canvas GPT with leather trim that serves as my work horse. That bag gets shlepped to work everyday and serves as my carry on for air travel once a week or so.

    But, I also have a 30cm swift leather GPT that is so beautiful and practical!! However, because the interior is lined in silk, I wouldn't use this one as cavalierly as I use the canvas one.

    Being the rabid GPT fan that I am, I also have a rocabar (wool) 35cm GPT and a 20cm lamb leather bolduc GPT. I love them all and wouldn't part with them!

    Didn't help much, did I? :confused1:
    KOP10-06-06003.jpg potironGPT002.jpg Rocabartoteandpouch.jpg d17b0259.jpg
  3. I have the PM canvas/buffalo bags in rouge imperial and black. They get taken out the most of all my bags. They're just solid workhorses and fly under the radar.

    BTW, Sue, I see your banana shaped cat chew toy is still dangling from your potiron GP.
  4. i have the it....but that barenia is really hot..never seen it in that!
  5. LOL, HG! I keep forgetting to see if any H stores have a banana charm still hanging around. Until I find a new one, the chew toy will have to suffice!!
  6. That first pic with all those H boxes got me all hot......
  7. May I just say that your GPT bags are gorgeous!!! :yes:
  8. I'm no help because I want one of each! :yes:
  9. ninja ur bags are sooo gorgeous ,i have asked for a black GPT and the SA said she will give me a cll when it comes .thanks everyone
  10. Lovely, NinjaSue.

    Can the Garden Party be worn over the shoulder?
  11. Gorgeous collection NS! I adore my GPT for the reasons HG cited. It's also great for days when I'm wearing track pants to the gym or just heading to Starbucks a la natural with DD & DH. I have the GPT in the Chartreuse canvas and love this color--goes with everything
    ; I originally purchased it for use during the spring/summer for outdoor gatherings, but find that I'm using it as an all-year round bag. It's a bag I'm not afraid to throwaround. I adore the new one that CB posted with the wool felt/leather combo. I need to check that one out.
  12. :yes: Yeah I still want to get that one! And I love the green one too! Such a great color! I dunno...maybe I should get a GPT next. :sweatdrop:
  13. ^ I concur!
  14. I miss my Rouge Imperiale GP. :crybaby: It got sent back to Paris a couple of months back and I still haven't heard word about it.
  15. love ur GP collection sue!!!!!!
    I have only one GP in canvas and leather i also use it as a workhorse. Love it!!!!