Garden Party bag Question!

  1. I wonder if somebody out there of you experts on Hermes bags could help me? I am very inspired of all your Hermes bags :nuts: and now I want to ad a Garden Party bag in leather (not canvas and leather) to my collection.

    My question is if anyone know if they make them in Black leather. I have only seen brown on the forum:confused1:
  2. Hej Tintin,
    yes,they make in black as well.( i think in swift)
    but i only saw in TPM.looks lovely!!!!
  3. Lovely, I hope they come in 35cm size:love: because then I will get one:yahoo:
  4. I have only seen smaller ones, but I hope you can find one that size! It sounds like a great idea.
  5. The black leather GPT definitely comes in the PM size, which is 30cm. I have the red tohu bohu GPT in the 30cm size. I don't think I've ever seen an all leather 35cm GPT, though. HTH!
  6. Thank you girls, but you are almost breaking my :heart: only in 30 cm:crybaby: Please I really had my :heart: set on 35 cm. Maybe I have to get one in canvas and leather, they come in 35 cm, don't they:confused1:
    I really appreciate all you help:yes: don't think anything else:flowers: flowers to you all for helping me.
  7. Yes, it comes in 35cm, but I've only seen the leather/canvas combination.
  8. Tintin, the canvas and leather GPT comes in 35cm and even larger (I saw a huge black canvas and leather one last week - must have been at least 50cm)! I have a potiron canvas and leather GPT in the 35cm size and I love it! It is sturdier than than all leather one.
  9. Hi Tintin, I highly recommend the 35cm in canvas/leather! :yes:

    Here's a link where you can see pics of a 35cm GP in Toile with black leather. The interior is fully lined with red canvas with black bolduc ribbon print - very pretty! :love:
  10. Yes, I have to agree with you that bag is gorgeous :love: I especially like the light canvas with dark leather details. Gives me something to think about. Do they all come with that kind of lining?

  11. I think the older toile/leather 35cm GP are not lined with bolduc print canvas like the one you saw in the photos - this is something new that's just launched this year. Interestingly, the stitching on this bag is not black, but a very nice silvery grey color that complements the black Togo leather very well! :love: Very subtle...but I just love such details in H bags! :heart:
  12. Gigi, my rouge 35cm GP does not have the lining :sad: . And my girlfriend bought the green GP on the same day as I did. Hers doesn't have it too. I only saw the bolduc lining in the TPM. And our bags are only 2 months old. Bummer.:yucky:
  13. Tintin,

    I think... the leather ones only comes in smaller size.. I want the leather one in larger size but it's not available too ... So said the SA in Singapore :sad:
  14. Yes Wellow,you are right!
    i talked to my SA as well about the leather GP in 35,but he confirmed that in this year only small size is available.
    although for daily use he recommended anyway the toile because it is less sensitive...
    it's a real working-horse!!!!
  15. MissM, I can attest to that. I use my Garden Party in canvas/leather because it's light, practical, and very hardy. The straps can fit over my shoulder. The bag is not as delicate as one would think. I must carry about 15 lbs of stuff in it everyday and it's been taking the beating so far.