Garden Party + Baby???

  1. OK, so I know I have some time to think about this but what are your opinions on using a Garden Party for a diaper/mom bag? Will the open top or lack of compartments cause problems?

    I know things get messy in there but here's my thought:

    1) I will probably be toting my diaper bag with me all the time (and for quite some time) so it should be something I really like.
    2) I am not fond of the diaper bags I have seen out there. Either they are all "babied" out or too trendy.

    Suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any help. TIA!
  2. congrats on being pregnant!!!! *hugs*
    Now to more pressing issues --------- Fashion lol.
    I think that a garden party will be cute with a baby if you can deal one less arm/hand and a kid. I am an 18 year old guy so babies are the very last thing on my mind, though i imagine it would be difficult to deal with it all at once. well give it a shot at least you will look hot, and a gp wont go to waste you will always be able to use it. If not off to eBay. As for compartments, i dont know how important organization or getting to things quickly is to you (or the situations) but i suggest a purseket (is it?) you know one of those things with pockets that sits inside the bag.
    anyways congrats again and good luck!
  3. ^^^ Thanks naughtymanolo!

    I feel the same way - if the GP doesn't work as a baby bag well, it definitely works as a ME bag! No loss there but I'd still need a diaper bag!:p
  4. All the moms I know have a diaper bag with a shoulder strap or a backpack. So whatever you get it should fit this criteria as apparently having both arms free is important (not that I would know firsthand ;)).
    I think the lack of compartments you could overcome with one of those bag organizers.
    Perhaps a Garden Party MM? I think the PM would be too small.
    Or how about a Bolide?
  5. I think you're right, Hello. Hands free will probably be in my best interest. I don't know much about GP's but is there a model with a shoulder strap or am I thinking of something else?

    As for a Bolide, I think a 37cm would work but I'd be scared of spills and other not so nice baby-related messes. I'm still not at the stage where I can witness a beautiful Bolide going through the baby gauntlet! :p
  6. I hear ya! Perhaps a more hardy leather such as Epsom or Fjord would be able to withstand baby-accidents.

    There is a GPT that comes with a shoulder strap but I think the straps only come up to size TPM which gives you a 30cm bag which might be too small.

    The GPT MM might have big enough handles to fit over your shoulder but I don't know for sure.
  7. Oh, also a Herbag might work for you, alhtough it's not so easy to get in and out of as a Bolide.
  8. I would imagine Garden Party being a hassle since you don´t have both hands free. The Plume, Gao or the Market bag, would maybe be better?
  9. I have 2 GP's and I wear them over my sholder most of the time, the handles are way long enough. Although I'm a long way past using diaper bags, I would see myself using a GP; after all, as you rightly said, you have to like it aswell, and when your kids have grown, you can still use it.....
  10. I have a GPT PM (yes, this is the size that has the detachable strap which is very useful) but it is too small to use as a regular diaper bag. I have the MM size, it is good and yes I can put it on my shoulder but it's not something you can wear on your shoulder for a length of time...the straps are really meant to be used as top handles. That said, I did use it as a diaper bag, often. But I agree that the most practical choice would be something with a shoulder strap option...
  11. Pepper is your size the 30 cms or the 36 cms? The PM (36 cms) often gets mistaken for the TPM, but the TPM is 30 cms only. The MM is 40 cms I think.
  12. Make sure whatever you buy you can wear it on your shoulder. You just need those longer straps for times when you are pushing a stroller, carrying the baby, possibly to hook straps over stroller handles, if hubby needs to hold it for you at times the length helps him have something to grab onto, and on and on. Also, you can let one strap flop down and you can have entry as you are walking, so you can grab into it. (get what I mean?)

    You don't have to have all those compartments. Someone gave me a Kate Spade diaper bag as a gift and everyone told me to return it because it was too small. IT WAS fine. It had one zip pocket and two holders on each side (on the inside) and it was open top. I have to say you just need to be organzied, BUT it worked perfectly! It did have longer straps and they were so comfortable. That made all te difference, so straps would be my biggest piece of advice to you.

    GOOD LUCK!!! Such a fun time.
  13. Congrats AuthenticLux! :smile: I ,too, went through with the "what bag to tote with a baby?" If you get the Garden Bag, you can always get the SkipHop Pronto (a compact diaper pad and a compartment to fit a few diapers, wipeez, and the other rash creams). Another thing to consider, if you are going to get a stroller like the Bugaboo, you can't straddle it over the stroller. Maclaren and Orbit Strollers should be fine with the Garden Bag since the handles aren't connected together.
    I occasionally use my Birkin (granted I only tote around dried items in my bag and when my hubby carries or strolls my son). You can certainly try Messenger bags from LV, Balenciaga Bags (work bag and the motorcycle bag), and I know you mentioned you were anti-diaper bags, but at least check out JuJuBe and SkipHop. They have these cool thoughtful features for the baby like the memory foam changing pad for comfort (JuJuBe) and straps that can connect to the stroller for your convenience (SkipHop). SkipHop actually looks like its part of the stroller so it wont look so gaudy..or suburbanmomish. If you have any baby questions, feel free to PM me :smile:.
  14. Ad, as long as you can fit the GPT over your shoulder, then I think it is perfect! Back when I was pregnant, I was still into LV. So, I shlepped around a large Noe with a purseket in it. I found the shoulder strap was a must.


  15. Hello2703, you are right: I meant the TPM has the strap; the PM is the one I use for toting around kid stuff (36 cm sounds right). Thanks for the clarification.