Garcia leather

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  1. Can someone tell me exactly what "garcia leather" is ? When I Goggle it nothing comes up that talks about the leather. Sorry I may be ignorant about it, but is this just some thin quality leather (cheaper to make bags out of) that Coach has plugged a fancy name on to make it sound better....
  2. I have never heard of "garcia" leather before either. But whatever it is, I like it. It's nice and light and comfy for me. I know I'm in the minority, but oh well.
  3. It's just a name that Coach gave it I'm pretty sure - like "Legacy" leather. I'm fairly sure it's calf leather - I don't think it's soft enough for lamb, but I could be wrong.
  4. garcia leather is where the leather is more scratch resistant.
  5. Right, but it's not a "type" of leather like lambskin, vachetta, patent, suede, etc. or a special treatment name like matte, glazed, nubuck, etc. - I'm pretty sure it's a name that Coach gave it to differentiate it from their other leathers on the Legacy products. For example, if another company used that same leather or type of leather, they would call it by a different name. At least that's what I think, but maybe someone who works for Coach with some knowledge about the leather types and manufacturing would know for sure. It's really a glazed calfskin I think. The glazing will make it more scratch resistent as opposed to the matte finish on the older Legacy leathers.
  6. I don't know why, but I thought it was more prone to scratches. I must have been reading wrong on previous posts then.
  7. There was a thread with this related info, a few months ago. I can't remember who explained it all though.
  8. I don't know, but I must say that I'm not head over heels for it. It feels flimsy to me...:confused1:
  9. It is an Italian leather.....a glazed lightweight cowhide pleather (oops, I mean "leather"). Sorry...:P

    Flimsy...yes...see my top handle pic. Strange how it looks nothing like the stock photos when you remove the packing! It got worse than this after the leather broke in.

    I was showing this bag to a manager, and she was SHOCKED...this was before the bags were introduced. She actually said NO WAY should anyone put up with this, especially at the $758 price, and she encouraged me to write a complaint letter to Coach. I'm embarrassed to say I've never gotten around to it, but you can see what I'm referring to. I just got rid of it and got the satchel, but it's already starting to puddle around the sides and bottom. The trim on these bags is actually not garcia, and is reinforced.... so if you can stick to a bag that has more trim, you're better off in this regard (structurally speaking).

    To me they just didn't choose the type of leather well for the style bags. The gaucho leather on the Hamptons Vintage line is so much nicer, even though I admit it's a bit shinier than I like.

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  10. ^^^^^

    Wow! Ok, seriously, get around to writing that letter!! It's nice that Coach tried to listen to people's requests for lighterweight Legacy bags, but there's a happy medium imo.

    OT, how gorgeous would that bag be in the older legacy leather, esp in Whiskey or something?! :drool:
  11. Yikes!:tdown:
  12. Yikes that looks horrible! Coach is not giving thier customers thier money worth or a quality bag anymore! That looks horrible for that kind of money, my canvas LV will hold up longer than that bag ever will!!

  13. I'm new to this site...but know an awful lot about Coach products (mostly why I joined), as I've been selling and buying for years. I own 10 bags myself, not to mention countless other pieces. From my experience, the best "soft" leathers from Coach are anything from the older Legacy line (not the new line that just came out), Nappa leather (found in the current Bleeker collection), and Hamptons Vintage...while you cannot treat any of these with Coach cleaning products they are the most supple, high quality leathers used within the brand. I own a bag from each of these lines as well so I can speak from experience! And FireFly32 -- I do agree, some of the new stuff is not top quality...but some is. Do your research before you buy a bag as Coach as tightened up it's repair/return policies recently. So CaptainPicard -- I would stay away from this "Garcia" leather...
  14. Yes, I have noticed that to that they have tightned up their policies regarding returns and fixes! This goes to show you that they don't really stand behind thier products! Coach don't mind you going ahead and buyin g a crappy $700 bag and if falls apart Caoch maynot fix it! How horrible is that, to spend that kind of money. They just make me so mad, I have a bag that was a replacement bag because the first one totally fell apart about a month ago. So now the replacement bag is just sitting in my closet and I could care less to use it. I will probably put it on ebay to only get half of what I paid $500, so maybe $200 or so if I am lucky.
  15. All I can say is wow! I am really disappointed. Let me tell you. When I first got on the Coach website and saw the Legacy Leather Medium Shoulder Flap in Amethyst, I was drooling...big time. It was the perfect shade of purple, and I am a purple fanatic.

    But now I'm reading more about how thin and cheap-looking the leather is, and how the material slouches too much. For the hefty price tag, I expect a purse that's durable and that looks good. Is that really too much to ask when you're spending $500?

    So, I am going to visit the boutique sometime this week just to see it (and probably cross it off my list...and put an end to my mild obsession with this particular purse). It's too bad. Coach could've made a killing on that purse if they just chose the right leather.