Garcelle Beauvais - Glad Trash Bag's new Spokesman?!

  1. I love Garcelle and think she's gorgeous but what the heck is she wearing?!:yucky:
  2. LOL the drees isn't even the worst part...look at the shoes.
  3. ^^ Haha, I was gonna say that also! It looks like a towel or something that a spa would give you
  4. LOL omg this outfit is just :throwup: it looks like a towel :s
    such a pretty girl, such an ugly outfit.
  5. Wow.
    And I just saw those shoes in a catalog the other day. Yikes.
  6. I like the bag tho :biggrin:
  7. That's just wrong on SO many levels.
  8. Get thee to a stylist quickly!!
  9. Nice clutch :shrugs:
  10. Yuck... the shoes. :yucky:
  11. Wow, I started to scroll down and saw her face and thought that she looked very pretty then........... AAAAAAAAHHHHHH :huh: :wtf: , what is she wearing?? It is definitly a towel. Maybe she is the new spokeswoman for a spa service??
  12. LOL! Hubby just looked at the picture and said, "damn! that's a pillow case. Isn't it?". Too funny.

    Gorgeous face and hair, though!
  13. eeek.... so lemme get this straight.... she looked in the mirror that morning and thought that looked acceptable!? :nuts:
  14. I think she just got lazy after she got out of the shower and decided not to get dressed. Getting ready in the morning is work within itself you know!
  15. those shoes are toe-jam-kind-of nasy