Garage Sale Find of My Life- 3 Vuittons!

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  1. I've got a find to report!
    I went to a garage sale, in a very nice neighborhood, and saw a small sign among the lovely things: "Ask to see designer bags".
    So I did. The lady goes in, comes out a minute later with 3 LOUIS VUITTON BAGS!!! And they're real! I can tell, I have purchased 3 of my own, so I know them like the back of my hand. They look right, feel right, everything.
    "How much are you asking?"
    "I was thinking $50 each?"
    "Okay, may I look at them?" She hands me armful of monogram canvas!
    I spend a few minutes checking them over so carefully, just to be sure. The other shoppers are looking at me closely to see if I look like I am even CONSIDERING putting them down. As if. :biggrin:
    I say "If I get these 2, can I get this one, which isn't in great shape, for a little less?"
    "Sure, I'll sell that one for $25."
    I got a Keepall Bandouliere 55, a Neverfull GM, which is a tote bag, and a Speedy 30. For $125. O. M. G. They all have a faint perfume odor, but for the price I can work on that (I've found a sock full of baking soda, set inside the bag, works great!)
    The Speedy is pretty worn out, but for $25, I can CUT IT UP :shock: :shock: and sew a wallet. Just kidding, I wouldn't do that. But I could . . . haha
    The Neverfull is great, looks barely used.
    The Keepall has a stain on the strap, but I think it will blend in more when the vachetta darkens.
    I will remember that sale forever.
    I hope EVERYONE on this forum can some day have this kind of day!
    Here's the quick pic that I texted my DD.

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  2. Holy crap woman! You hit the jackpot!!!! So jelly right now.
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  3. wow!!!!!! Good going! Very excited for you!
  4. Thanks you guys! I haven't even started to use them, I'm still dumbstruck! I don't post much here, but I thought my purse friends would appreciate this.
    I'm just hoping this doesn't mean I will have bad luck in other things. . . :huh: Knock on wood, spit three times . . .
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  5. congrats on your fab finds!! Enjoy them :smile: That is for sure a story to tell ))))
  6. How lucky are you! And you haggle down from $50 to $25! I'm in awe. Congratulations.
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  7. If this happened to me I would be like the lady in the ikea commercial where she's making a run for it and yelling at her hubby to start the car hahahaha.
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  8. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! me too )))))
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  9. Haha! Melissa, NatLV, I had to look up the commercial on youtube, it was so funny!! Thanks for mentioning it, I got a laugh.
  10. Wow! You totally scored!:tup: Congratulations on your amazing deals!
  11. Holy smokes! You are one lucky gal! It makes me wonder if the woman selling those bags even knew, or cared, about their actual value...
  12. Wow congrats on your gorgeous finds! So jealous!!
  13. You are the deal master!!
  14. Congrats on awesome finds!!!
  15. Honestly, I don't think she did! She mentioned they were her mother's and she was selling them for her. Or maybe that her mother had given them to her. I can't remember exactly, it was a blur, haha. Her (the seller's) other items were also of excellent quality and very cheap, for example a $3,000 patio set for $100, almost new. Expensive clothes for $5. It was a bit crazy, actually.