Garage Sale Coach Backpack Help!!!

  1. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and I am seeking some help!
    I bought a backpack at a garage sale, and later found out it was supposedly a coach bag.
    It has a style number which I think is valid, and I have done some research, but I'm not quite sure.
    the No. is H8B-0529
    and it looks like a slightly older model of:

    If anyone can help me out that would be great!!
  2. Post a picture of it!
  3. As many pictures as possible. Also a picture of the creed would help.
  4. Does it have a turnlock closure?
  5. Coach made several styles of backpacks in the 05XX range. They are larger travel backpacks.
  6. wow good garage sale find! my dad and step mom were garage saleing...they pulled up to one and this women had just bought a bunch of bags for 20 bucks, 2 of them coach! ahhh! but live and learn.
    i hope you love yours : )
  7. i want to see pictures and great find!!