Gaps at heels - please help!

  1. Hi everyone -

    There must be some other girls suffering from this problem - maybe someone can help me with it? It's that ugly gap at the back of a high heel shoe after your foot has had a chance to slide down into the shoe. Know what I mean? Heres 2 pictures to show. When I first put the shoe on it feels fine, just like it is a perfect size - but by the end of the day my foot has slid down the arch and now the shoe looks like 2 sizes too big. Do you know what to do to stop this? Please give me any advice as it has become a very embarrasing problem for me lately.

    Thank You

    gap at heel first on.JPG gap at heel after.JPG
  2. Oh no! I hate when that happens. I have tried foot petals. They are supposed to prevent your feet from sliding forward. I have only used them for sandals, though. Not sure if they would work in a high heeled pump, but they are worth a try. Killer shoes, as always!
  3. The only thing I can think of is to stuff the toe with some tissue paper.....don't know if it would work but you could try. Good luck, and gorgeous shoes btw.
  4. rubber heel grippers. they usually give these out for free (when u buy shoes)at Saks and Neimans. i'm sure u can buy them somewhere as well. i have the same problem and it helps tremendously. my foot does not slip out of my shoes anymore.
  5. Those are some hot shoes!!

    I've had the same thing happen to some of my shoes and I have tried different ways to make them wearable again.

    I have used foot petals' "Heavenly Heelz," which prevent the heel from slipping out. However, from the side, you could still notice a little space between the back of my shoe and my foot.

    I've also tried adding cushion pads inside the front of the shoe. This has worked well, except that sometimes they pop right out of my shoe when I take them off. Yesterday I visited my cobbler to see if there were any other more permanent options. They said they could add a cushioning layer under the leather insole. I get the shoes back on Monday, so we'll see if it works.
  6. these are the rubber heelgrippers that i was talking about.... they keep ur heel from slipping out. if ur foot slides down too much to where ur heel won't even touch the grippers, then perhaps u need to go a half size smaller first.
    heelgrippers1.jpg heelgrippers3.jpg
  7. OMG those heels are so high!

    I have the same problem with heel gaps my feet seem to have shrunk and all my older shoes are too big. The only thing that works is half or full innersoles, they stop your foot sliding so far forward in the shoe. I've even stuck a half innersole in and a full one over the top :yes:

    you can see some of the different types available here Dr Scholl's