GAPHITE!! Large MP with grey suede interior?

  1. Has anyone seen or heard of a lg mp in graphite ? They have one for rent!! on BBorS it has a grey suede interior!That would be beautiful and I would love to know where to find such a bag? Anybody know anything? Or am I barking up a wrong tree??:sad::idea:
  2. Sounds pretty. Very pretty! Hope you can find one that you don't have to BBOrS.
  3. [​IMG]

    beautiful! i bet the mj boutiques still have it.
  4. ^^ omg that is beautifulllll.
  5. I am absolutely dying for a soft calf bag in this color! :girlsigh: I just can't bear paying full price for it. I've been stalking eBay for a year now and have only seen the Amy (which I'm not as fond of) and one Venetia (sold by a 0 feedback seller using mostly stock pics so I avoided the auction). Please, please, please PM me if you see one on eBay or on sale somewhere!
  6. It is a beautiful bag and I would love it! Have never seen anything like it on eBay! I bet it is lovely IRL, I would be tempted to call the MJ store but can't see myself paying full price! What year was this beauty?
  7. It's from Fall 2006. :yes:
  8. ^ fall 06 was a kick ass year! the striping line and this beauty. :girlsigh:
  9. Wow, that is a gorgeous color!!! Will definitely watch out for this Melly. Good luck!!! Does anyone know what other bags come in this color?
  10. ^^Hey! I want one too!! Don't forget me!!
  11. Oh yes, of course Muggles :graucho: I didn't scroll past the picture so I didn't get to read your posting. Hehe.
  12. Thank you! :heart: According to Bag.Lover graphite was available for the following bags:

    Multipocket, small
    Flap Satchel
    Zipped Clutch
    Zip Wallet, Large
    Sporty Tote
    Amy Hobo
  13. ^ OMG, I want a zip clutch!!! And a blake too!!!

    Thanks Melly and Bag.Lover for the info! Now where to find it.......... (aside from an MJ store of course. I promised myself no more paying full price, especially for past season bags...)
  14. i TOTALLY agree. all of my bags are from 06', except for the bordeaux blake. 2006 was a great year for MJ :smile:
  15. I want a zc and a large mp!! In beauuuuuutiful 06 graphite, a new quest will I find this dream!!!!