Gap Product Red

  1. I just received my long sleeved tees from Product Red line and I am in love!:yahoo: These are the perfect tees. Has anyone else purchased the parka or jeans from this line? What do you think?
  2. I've been oogling these on there website, unfortunately they don't do international shipping :sad:
  3. The parka isn't me, but I'd like to buy one of their tees or tanks.
  4. I'm wearing the inspi(red) tee today! It fits really well, I'm glad I bought it!
  5. I didn't know about it until this thread! it looks like my sizes are all sold out but I like the parka
  6. I got the Parka and a SA told me a lot of people are wearing it inside out like Jennifer Garner does in the ad. I also have the 3 word hoodies (tired, bored and inspired) and the inspired t-shirt....also the bracelets in white and red.
  7. i haven't seen anyone wearing these word tees IRL - have you guys? i'm wondering whether people buy these products to support the cause and not to actually wear them, or do many people buy them because they mostly just like the look?
  8. they lookreally nice on the site!
  9. I love the Product Red!!! I think they're really cool, and they are for a good cause. :yes:

  10. I don't wear the word tees - just the plain ones. I try not to draw attention to the girls.
  11. i wanted the red inspired tee, but the placement of the word on the shirt was not right for me - i'm a D cup and it was, like, sort of on the underside of my boobs. it didn't look right, it needed to be like an inch or two higher. the guy at the store said several other girls had said the same thing.
  12. ^^ lol...i unfortunately won't have that problem....
  13. I initially purchased the inspi(red) tee for my sister, but liked it so much that I got myself the desi(red) tee in black and the ado(red) tee in red. I have a D cup as well, but didn't have a problem with the size that I purchased. I saw the underwear that Gap has out now, and want to get those as well. They come in a set of three with inspi(red), ado(red) and another saying on the bum. Too cute! Glad to hear that the long sleeve tees are nice, too. I think that's my next purchase from the line.
  14. i was wearing a push-up bra when i tried it on, so the girls were up nice and high that day, lol. maybe that was the problem.
  15. I love the tees!! I'm wearing the treasu(red) one at the moment