Gap, ON, Banana and AT friends + family codes!!!!

  1. Hey Everyone just got a great email with a bunch of different codes so here you go!!!

    GAP (Nov 30-Dec 3) 30% off D1L36GG596NL

    OLD NAVY (Nov 27- Dec 3) 20% off F8JXXP9RGCNJ

    BANANA REPUBLIC (Dec 1-3) 30% off QLOV5931S3G5

    ANN TAYLOR (Nov 15-18) 25% off 10701080

    Also, in case you wanted to use the Ann Taylor code instore, I have the coupon attached! Happy Shopping!!!!:p

    AT Friends & Family-1.GIF
  2. Thanks!
  3. are these one time use codes?

  4. As far as I know they are unlimited use! :p
  5. Thank you!

    Any idea how I can sign up for this email promotions too?
  6. thanks for posting:yes:
  7. Are these one time use or can more than 1 person use em?
  8. gap, old navy, and banana do one time use.
  9. The F&F sale codes are 1 time use each
  10. Wow, thanks!!
  11. Does that mean only one of us gets to use it or that everyone can only use it once?
  12. no these are unlimited!:p my girlfriend passed these along after she used them and they worked for me too, so go for it!
  13. How can they have worked for you if they haven't started yet. You wrote that the gap one startes Nov. 30th?
  14. Yeah I was wondering the same thing....?
  15. Tried Gap it didn't work and the F&F is now. Oh well thanks anyway