Gap/ Mulberry limited Edition bag 'Roxanne bag'

  1. Anyone hear about the limited edition mulberry bag that gap will be selling on the 1 december only in flagship store in London and Paris .. it costs £65 and is way was limited .. it will be in red for xmas. I am off to bond street to get myself one on saturday ... hope I get one.

    Anyone else ???
  2. OOO!! Have'nt heard of this one!!! I will be packing most of my non-essentials on saturday as we are moving so,so no chance of me going! But if you are lucky enough to get one please post pics,and the most luck in the world to you!!!!xxxxxxxxxxx
  3. No, l haven't heard of this either - l look forward to seeing a photo of the bag.
  4. Red, did someone say red?????
    Ooh poo, this is when I wish I didn't live out in the sticks. Good luck Kimmy, hope you grab one and then post pics so we can all see it.
  5. Ooooh I do want one! I want the grey one. Too bad it's only available in London & Paris :sad: Here's a teaser. The red one. Material's sweatshirt jersey!

    Credit: Budgetfashionista
  6. do you think the red or the grey will be more popular ??
  7. God its hard to say!! Its quite adorable in red though!! Thanks for the pic!xx
  8. I like it!!! No matter which color.
  9. I would love it in red!!! Go get it girl!!
  10. I just got mine :biggrin: One in each colour :biggrin: They are really cool, will try and get some pics up for you guys :smile:

    They are really cool, and are jersey material so you can bung these in the washing machine :biggrin:
  11. Wow I'm really really jealous! You mean it's on sale already? Oh if you do want to give up your grey one, sell it to me!
  12. Yeah went on sale at 9am this morning, I went to the Gap Oxford St Flagship store, whereabouts are you based?
  13. Congrats Stefy! Are there any long queues for them? Have they been all sold out already?? I'm so envious of you! BTW, please pose with these bags and post up the pics for us!
  14. Thankies :smile:

    I got there at about 8:40am, and the queue was big but not overly large like the Primark queues. The SA's were still rolling them out on their arms when I was at the till, so if you are close by go NOW! I am thinking that this did not get alot of publicity or word of mouth, so it could be that they may not sell out til later on in the day.

    Will defo take pics tonight :smile: