Gap leather ballet flats?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has worn the Gap leather ballet flats. I would love to pick up a couple of pairs of ballet flats in different colors and can't afford to break the bank.

    Any reviews? Also, any recommendations of inexpensive ballet flats? TIA
  2. I haven't tried them on, but I saw that at my local gap. they were actually really nice in person. Very nice leather, and classic colors. Go for it!
  3. Are the soles pretty thick? I might try and see if my local Gap carries them. I have some leather ballet flats but the soles are super thin and I can't really walk all over the city in them.
  4. the soles were kind of thin, you can tell by looking at them because they curl up a bit.
    I tried them on and I'm NOT a flat girl, but they were surprisingly comfy and cute, even to me, a 'not flat girl'! :p
    They were comfy, thin but not like socks or anything.
  5. I have a pair from the Gap and another pair from Old Navy. They really aren't comfortable at all because the heel rubs so badly and gives me bad blisters. The leather is kind of stiff on mine so maybe that's the problem?