Gap instore/online price differences

  1. I returned a Gap wool car coat today to my local store. It was a gift, so I returned with a gift receipt and got a gift card back. I was just on the website, and found the exact coat I returned -- except the price on the website is $40 more than what I got at the store today! I didn't question the price at the store since I had no idea what my gift cost, but seeing this big price difference now, I want to know if I can get a price adjustment for an item I returned, or if stores will honor sale prices on the website! Has anyone had this happen to them?

  2. I know that they will honor price differences on items that were purchased before the sales compared to the sales prices. You just bring them your receipt and they'll automatically refund you the difference!

    (But in your case, you want the extra $40? I haven't had experience with that, sorry I read your question wrong!! I don't think they'll do that since the person who bought you the sweater only paid a certain amount. It wouldn't make sense if they gave you an extra $40 for something the original buyer didn't pay! But it never hurts to try!)
  3. When the register pulls up the gift receipt, it will refund the price originally paid for the item, not the current selling price. (I'm a manager with Gap)
  4. well, i just looked at the receipt i got when i made the return. it says the coat was valued at $32.99 (i don't know if that was the price purchased, i assume it was). on the website, the coat was originally $129 and is now marked down to $64.99.

    i don't see how a coat that's on the website right now for $64.99 would cost more now than it did on Dec. 7, which was when the receipt was for, and cost half the price three weeks ago! If what you're saying is true about them honoring price differences, that means I should at least get back $40 more.

    Brenn18: do the stores honor website prices or can you only get price adjustments on store purchases for the store price?
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    Yes, it does not make sense that it is more now than weeks ago. Once things are marked down, the prices do not go back up. It's not so much a question of honoring price differences, as it is honoring the price that the original purchaser paid. The register will automatically pull up whatever the price on the gift receipt is - regardless of the current or original price of the item. What I think is a probable explaination is that the person who purchased the gift used a coupon or had a discount code and therefore paid less than what it was selling for at the time - a good deal for them, but not as great for you if you need to return it. Of course, I can't be sure, but that's my best guess.
  6. I work as a Lead Cashier Banana and I know the prices in the store aren't always the same as our online prices. For instance there is a Tee on sale in the store *right now* for $13.99, but it is $19.99 online. Same shirt, same everything. Both are Gap Inc. Brands so maybe this is the case?

    I agree with everything Brenn18 said too about the registers, etc.
  7. Yes, it's not that unusual for the on-line price to be higher. I've got to get myself over to Banana - it seems like everything is on-sale over there!
  8. stores tend to mark things down cheaper. however, it is at the discretion of the manager. i know there are even differences between different store locations.
  9. ^^^the price differences between stores drives me mad. It would seem that a chain store should charge the same at different locations, especially when we have so many of them in our city.