GAP / GAP Outlet Codes or Coupons?

  1. Anyone have Gap or Gap Outlet codes or coupons to share?

    Looking at some PJs and need coupons to be able to afford them!!


    Thanks! Bubbles :flowers:
  2. 15% off Gap Outlet:

    Don't know if this will work but tell them you did an online survey but forgot your coupon- the "reason code" (which the SA has to punch in to get you the discount) is 885.
  3. If you have a GAP card you can get 10% off today because it is the first tuesday of the month. Use TUESDAYS for promo code at check out. Also GCSHIP will get you free shipping if you spend over $100, but shipping is only $6. You could apply for a GAP card and get 20% you order.
  4. ohh I always forget about the first tues thing. Does that work online as well or just in store?
  5. ^works online.
  6. ^^ is there a code??
  7. ^yep, sorry. use TUESDAYS with your gap card.