Gap F&f?

  1. i read in the previous threads that there should be a g\Gap f&F, so i went to the store and asked. they said that it is true, but only to F&F's of employees, which i'm not :Push: so, does anyone have one to share?? :graucho:
  2. I got a coupon in the GAP store, I had to ask like 3 different employees and then finally one of them asked the store manager for me.

    I also got one fairly easy at Banana Republic. Same thing, cashier asked manager on duty for me.

    Don't give up so easily.
  3. i'm a pretty shy person, so i don't know if i can do. what is the best way to ask without sounding desperate? it's one code per person? i want one...:crybaby:
  4. Until recently I worked at Gap, and we kept extra coupons at the register to give to frequent customers. Ask again. The worst thing that they can say is no.
  5. I dont have a friends & family, but use the code GAPLOVE for 20% off your entire order. I just used it 10min ago so I know it works! I think its good until Dec 15th (but I'm not sure) This and a free shipping should be almost as good as a F& F.
    Hope it helps:happydance:
  6. Hi,
    I paid $5 for a gap and banana F&F on ebay. It's 30% off so it was definately worth it!!!
  7. thanks material mom and mooky, i'll take those options into consideration. and mooky, welcome to the forum!
  8. For those of you who did receive the F&F from the store...can you tell me the dates? Thanks
  9. before noon today, if you buy more than $50, it's automatically 30% store only, not online.
  10. oh fugglesticks, i missed it! darn macy's and the pots and pans :hysteric:
  11. I received the f&f postcard for BR and Gap, but of course I left it at home! :noggin: I will post the codes and dates for both once I get home. ;)
  12. oh goody! i want a hoodie!
  13. The friends & family car I have from GAP says:
    November 30th - December 3rd
    Get 30% off selected merchandise/$35% if you use your GapCard
  14. Your code works! Came in very handy just now. Thanks!