Gap extra 25% off all sale in stores only

  1. thru Sunday
  2. Just wanna let everyone know that it would be also be a final sale because I just found out today.
  3. thanks jewlzz i was jsut about to post that as well

    it's just they have signs up that say that the size of a postcard
    so then after you get to the register thinking ohh i got some great sales

    there like as theyre swipping yr cards

    just so you know its all final sale
    and they then have the nerve to complain its so annoying to black out the barcode on each tag
  4. I went Monday and it still was going on. It was weird as she said a couple of things marked down weren't really on sale, but she overrode it with the marked price, but wouldn't/couldn't give me the extra 25%. Then she missed the discount on 2 other things, but it wasn't worth standing in the line again. She never mentioned final sale and didn't black out barcodes, but I saw the mini signs.

    It's Gap though. The never-ending return period so long as you have your receipt. My receipt wasn't marked final sale and I am sure if you had a problem with something they would work with you on an exchange or return.
  5. Gap recently ie in the last month or so has changed their return policy

    if you look on the receipts it says the policy is now posted in the store
    basically you have to have a receeipt to doa return

    but basically gap is not being as customer freindly as they used to be