Gap Design Editions

  1. I just read about those. Some of them are adorable. Which ones did you get shoegal?
  2. I got the scarf shirt from Doo.Ri and the tie shirt by Thakoon.
  3. Good choice. Those are my favourites, along with the Rodarte trapeze top :yes:
  4. I picked up the Rodarte trapeze top. The Gap at Hillsdale had plenty left.

    Love em!
  5. I got the Thakoon tie shirt as a gift for a friend. I think it's very well made.
  6. I tried to get a few of the pieces online, but all the things I wanted in my size were gone...
  7. ^ All of the Rodarte pieces are gone from the internet but I saw a few in stores.
  8. Oh they are really cute.
  9. I love all of those!! I so wish we had GAP here.

  10. Which stores? Maybe I'll call them directly...
  11. I saw those at the mall yesterday! Cute. I know the Gap in Palm Beach Gardens, FL was pretty well stocked.
  12. Love that top! I've got to go ck it out.

  13. I know the Gap in Orland Park Illinois had a few Rodarte pieces.:yes:
  14. The scarf shirt and petal shirt dress look so cute!!