Gap Coupon Code 20% off This Weekend

  1. Gap has an extra 20% online this weekend expiring on the 3rd of September. Here is the code: B6D6FPRQNL25

    Happy Shopping!
  2. I do need some new shirts for school. Thank you!
  3. is there an instore printable coupon we can use too?
  4. Thanks! I was just about to go on their website and stock up on some basics so this makes it even better.

  5. Thanks for posting the code. Can you share how you got the code? It looks like one of those "one time only" code so only one of us can use it.

    If others try using it and it's successful for multiple uses, please also let us know!

    It's a little frustrating to shop and put items in the cart only to find out the code doesn't work.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I got one in my email and you are welcome to it. :smile: I'm pretty sure it is only good for one use! The email says that you have to spend $100 and it is good through Monday. [FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]S1ZCLSW15YX4[/FONT]