10% off Tuesdays - is this still going on?

  1. Hi...

    Does anyone know if gap/ still does the 10% off Tuesdays discount for cardholders? I tried using the code "TUESDAYS" (which if I remember right is the code to apply at checkout) and it told me that it was an invalid promo code. Did they seriously get rid of this perk? :tdown:

  2. The 10% Tuesday code is def still in effect because I got an email reminder this morning from Piperlime.

    Do you have more then one credit card (i.e. a Visa, AmEx) registered to your account? Because I applied the Tuesdays code and realized it didn't apply properly because I had accidentally selected my bankcard instead of my Gap Card. Once I did choose the Gap Card the code went through fine.

    Otherwise, I would just call up Gap/BR/ON and place a phone order with a rep who can apply the code directly for you. Hope this helped. Good luck.
  3. Thanks. I was trying to use my BR card... apparently it doesn't work w/it!!?!?!!!? I ended up using my gap card w/no issues. How weird, I thought the TUESDAYS code worked w/BR card too, since I mainly use that card for free shipping no limit (Luxe benefit). Maybe this is a new change?
  4. Well, I'm glad you were able to apply the discount with your Gap Card.
    I checked out the benefits for having a BR Card and it mentions being able to enjoy 10% Tuesdays at Gap/ON/PLime (But not BR itself--that sucks) so maybe it was a glitch on the website's part. Next time I'd call (assuming it doesn't work the next Tuesday you wanna shop) and speak to a rep to apply the code to your BR Luxe card. If I had a Luxe card I would put all my Gap Inc. purchases on there to keep the Luxe status.

    At any rate, I hope you enjoy your new purchases! =)