Gap Ballet Flats

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  1. After trying so many different brands of ballet flats, I've decided Gap makes the most comfortable ones. They have a pretty thick sole that will definitely last many years. I also find that they don't require any breaking in, the leather at the back is very soft and has never given me a blister. Best of all, they are only $40. I'm hoping they're going to bring the leather ones back in the spring, but I really like the suede ones they have right now. Anyone love these as much as I do??
  2. I have a pair of leather ones! They are so comfortable..they really do feel as comfortable as my Lanvin flats. I like the thick sole. I will have to try a pair of the suede ones. I think the style is cute but it looks like there would be a bit of toe cleavage. :p Such a great price, I recommend them to someone who loves to wear flats.
  3. I love flats overall but I haven't tried GAP yet. I have a few BCBG and Coach. Now I will stop by GAP and try a pair on, Thanks for the info.
  4. omg i was just telling my i was so sad because i am going to say bye bye to a pair of my patent leather black flats from the gap.

    i'm sorry if this grosses you girls out but i have to be feet STINK after wearing them:throwup:. i tried baby powder, washing them, spraying them with all sorts of sprays and the smell keeps coming back. none of my other flats do this. much as i love them i am kissing them goodbye.:crybaby:

    they look just like lanvin flats, fit very well and are super comfy but the smell :nogood: just about does it for me. idk if it's the material or what...

    i bought a pair of grey flats at the GAP as well on the same day and they're fine. but not black patent :push: so i don't wear them as much. i think i might invest in a pair of lanvins :love:
  5. I live in my GAP grey flats and my feet are always kind of sweaty. The trick is to buy socks that are made for flats if your feet sweat. Gap makes great ones, and so do Kohl's

    These are the ones from Gap
  6. I had a pair of the scrunched ballet flats from GAP in pewter that everyone complimented me on. I loved wearing them, but the scrunch in the back often cut off my circulation. So, I had to take them off and put them back on every chance I had. Other than that, I loved the look, fit, and versatility of them. Don't get me wrong, I still loved them while it lasted. Sadly, they gave in and the stitching one the right shoe came off. They are now retired. I still wish I can somehow fix them to wear them again.
  7. It must be the patent leather. I'd imagine that it's hard for the moisture to escape from the shoe and that must attribute to the smell... I'm sorry you have to get rid of them. It's always sad to let go a pair of favorite shoes!

    I need to check out these Gap ballets.. I've been wearing the Nanette Lepore for Keds and although they're super comfortable, they've stretched out too much.
  8. I was so surprised when I have tried the ballet flats from GAP. They are comfortable. I'd never expected that because of the cheap price!!