Gap Ballet Flats

  1. HAs anyone tried them ( the fitted ones) ? I think they look cute..I love the Tod's flats and several others but for shoes I'm kind of a bargain shopper ( except for my Birks) I'm curious to find out whether they're somewhat comfy...TIA:smile:
  2. I've never tried them, but they look so cute :smile:
  3. I have two pair- black and red. Love them and they are now on sale!
  4. They look really cute. I usually go for their clothes though, so I wouldn't be much help in how comfy their flats are.
  5. i have two pair of the fitted ballets and LOVE them. worth every penny, buy as many pairs as you can! i'm going to buy additional pairs when they go on sale. the leather is surprisingly thick and supple and i haven't had a single wear-and-tear problem with them.
  6. I haven't been in a Gap store for at least 5 years, so I wouldn't know. Good luck though!
  7. They are so cute i want a pair.
  8. Gap has so many ballet flats... are you guys talking about the kind with elastic?

    These? They remind me of the Lanvin flats!

  9. i have a pair in black and they are pretty comfortable. i think you have to get used to them. but for the price, its a very good deal!
  10. I just bought a pair today and they are so comfy!!! The elastic feels a little tight but I think that's because they are new. They will stretch out with use. The leather is divine and they look practically identical to the Lanvin ballet flats.

    clinkenwar, OMIGOSH, IS THAT YOU??? You have been MIA for so long! I missed ya and am glad to see you back. Hope all has been well.
  11. These are really cute. I usually just walk straight to the clothes section. Need to focus more on the shoes
  12. I bought mine online--waiting to get them as we speak--they looked so comfy, I had to get some!!!
  13. Bumping an old thread... I got these in chocolate brown the other day. They are great for the money. The leather is very thick and soft. The insoles are soft and comfy. The bottoms are rubber and it looks like they will hold up well. I haven't had a chance to wear them much. They match my new Goldenbleu bag perfectly!
  14. I want to ask the same question
  15. i just bought a pair of these too.. and then i saw the thread!
    ive been dying for a pair of lanvins, but both my mom and my best friend talked me out of them (i just cant talk myself into $500 ballet flats.. heels maybe, but not flats!)...and then i saw these when i was actually at the gap to see all the cfda designs..
    haven't gotten a chance to wear them yet, i keep on forgetting them at work under my desk..