Gap 40-45% off entire purchase 2/15 only (in store)

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  1. This info was posted in the 20% off thread, but it's such a good sale I thought it was worthy of its own thread.

    Gap President's Day Sale 2/15/10
    40% off entire purchase, including full-price and sale items
    extra 5% off with use of Gap card
    in-store only
  2. I went it was great even converse were 40% off... I bought for my 4 year old, new baby coming and myself!
  3. I went with my mom and got a bunch of stuff! Thanks again for posting it here!
  4. im so annoyed...i went on saturday and bought over 200 dollars worth of stuff and the sa didnt mention anything!
  5. damn! i missed it, and its not online?
  6. nope not online and I'm not sure the SA's knew... my friend works there and they found out about the sale this AM
  7. ugh! i needed new jeans too, all of mine ripped!
  8. Oh too bad I'm too late. Could have taken my daughter.
  9. I have a 25% off (full price adult) one-time use code and BING is still 25% CB. Expires tonight. 1st person to PM gets it...
  10. So sad I missed this!
  11. here is 25% off, one time use code that expires today


    and then there is 15% off that expires today


    note you cannot stack these codes
  12. OH WOW!! I might have to run over there. I still have a few more hours
  13. Rats! I missed this sale.
  14. anyone have a baby gap code that expired tonight?? please??