Gap 30% off w/Gapcard

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  1. I recieved this in the mail: Gapcard Member: Get 30% off regularly priced styles and 15% off sale items when you use your GarCard at To redeem online, enter GCSTYLE at checkout. This may be one use not sure. Have fun!
  2. Awesome, thanks. When does it expire?
  3. I received the same card but I don't think it started yet!
  4. Mine is Oct 11-14.
  5. wow awesome deal. If I shopped enough at the gap I would open a card.
  6. I just bought a boatload of stuff and it worked. Thank you!
  7. Sorry...10/11 - 10/14.
  8. Thank you! I just saved $63.00 !!!!!
  9. Thanks!
  10. OMG.. is there anything like this for the Banana Republic? ? ?