1. Does anyone know what the pricing is for a togo GAO and also have you seen it in person - what is your opinion of the bag and how it rests on the body? I haven't been able to find one in a boutique and am considering a second hand one. THANKS!
  2. Sorry if this if OT...but Gao makes me think of the anime Air...
    :smile: I'm sure the knowledgable Hermes ladies will be here soon to answer your question!
  3. Which one is Gao? And I MISS the anime scene, I gotta get back into cosplaying before I get too old for it.
  4. It was just a noise this girl kept making in a series called "Air" was a really weird anime..I love talking about anime, feel free to PM me about it..I feel bad Hijacking gazoo's thread :sad:
  5. If memory serves the current Gao price is about $2500+. I tried the Gao once, but it was not my cup of tea. It is easy to carry, tucks under the arm nicely. I just did not like the shape.

    I would much rather have the Trim.
  6. Yeah I am very torn between these two bags.

    No need to apologize for the OT's. We're all friends here!

    Which do you guys like best? Blue Jean Gao or Black Trim?
    gao.jpg trim.jpg
  7. ^ I actually like the Gao, but I have never really warmed to the trim....*ducking flying objects*.....
  8. ^^^ LOL!!!! I actually love the Gao- it is so unique! And in blue jean is just beautiful!
  9. The Gao is cute!!! :nuts:
  10. I'm so hesitant to get a color bag as I wear the modern designer denim that is so dark it leaks and leaks. I would just die if my Hermes had dye on it. Anybody had trouble with that?

    All of my bags are black black black.
  11. I have this same problem with my dark denim (denimbirds dry wash - turns everything blue!)......haven't had a problem with my bags yet......I don't own BJ, though, but it hasn't happened to my toile Herbag.....
  12. Ooooh ... I LIKE the Gao! But I like the Trim too because I'm a hardware person!! Uh-oh, that's another bag onto the list...
  13. I like the shape of the Gao...and it's gorgeous in that color!
  14. I haven't had any problems with my BJ but as a shoulder bag it doesn't ever really rub against the denim. :flowers:
  15. I am doing my research on the Gao bags. Anyone has more pictures to share or someone wearing one?

    I am 5ft, so would like to guess how it look like on me :biggrin: