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  1. Hi everyone! Today I finally went to our local Hermes boutique here in Bahrain which is only 3 days old!!! Everything looked amazing and to die for! But, one item caught my eye. Its the Gao bag that the SA says is coming back to fashion. Its so light with a canvas interior. They had it in two colours poissiere and white. Do any of you own this bag? What do you think of it? It sits perfectly on the shoulder, and I know I must have it someday.. Any advice on it?
  2. mdsa, it's the BEST bag ever. I love using it all the time, when I don't feel like carrying a kelly or birkin, which both require hands to carry. The shoulder strap falls perfectly! I have a black one, and would LOVE to have one in orange!!
  3. It looks amazing. Now I want one.
  4. Here is a pic of one my most used H bags!

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  5. The Gao is such a fantastic everyday bag!
  6. Thank you so much all for your replies.. Just checked with the Dubai boutique, they have one in curry. Will let you all know what I get when I come back;)
  7. Oh, curry!! I've been imagining a curry bag or accessory since seeing the color in the store. I would think a curry Gao would be a very practical year-'round bag.
  8. OOH, the Gao in Curry would be lovely!! A different kind of neutral to be honest!! Hope you get it! Come back soon!
  9. that sounds amazing! i hope you get it and take pics asap!
  10. The Gao has an amazing shape.
    I think it'd be a good everyday bag. :smile: