Ganguro Girls = Skin Cancer!!!

  1. "Ganguro, literally "face-black," is a fashion trend among Japanesegirls, an outgrowth of chapatsu hair dyeing. The basic look is bleached-blond hair perms that take half a day to set and cost about $400,and a deep tan, produced by tanning beds or makeup. Theintent is to produce the tanned, blond California beach girl look.Accessories include high platform shoes or boots, purikura photo stickers,and cellular phones. They go to tanning salons tomaintain a dark-brown tan year-round (or apply a dark-brown foundation.)"

    OMG!!!!:sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: .........
    ganguro.jpg ganguro1.jpg GANGURO2.jpg
  2. wwwhhyyyyy? LoL
  3. maybe they can be called the gangrene girls now when thier skin starts to rot off due to intensive UVA rays.
  4. Excuse me while I go vomit my breakfast.
  5. They are such cute girls to begin with. *sigh

    So they actually pile on make-up on top of the deep tan and ...go out?
    Skin cancer plus zits = a no-no.
  6. What????? Those are real girls?!!! Why are they doing this to themselves, omg!!!! They are killing themselves
  7. i really like thhe tone of the hair color in the first picutre....
  8. this 'trend' has been around Japan for a few years now. I think it's dying down tho. Thank God!
  9. eeks! i dont remember where I saw those pictures before but I hated it then and I hate it now.

  10. i never really "got" japanese trends....
    but! i wish the "tan" trend would spread to rest of asia! Most asians still treasure pale skin.... Im naturally olive and tan easily even with sunscreen...esp in the summer. I love my tan, but my asian family makes fun of me all the time!

  11. Or dying out! :worried:
  12. im asian and i have naturally fair skin......when tanning wasn't as big as it is now people would make fun of me being dark and dirty (im not eveen darak)...asian relate being pale with innocent and pure...
  13. Omg. Talk about extreme tanning! I wear sunscreen everyday because my grandmother had melanoma(skin cancer).
  14. It looks like the asian Paris Hilton! Why do they do that, those girls are so cute naturally!
  15. GOOD LORD!!...what in gods name, do they get these ideas?! They look like freaks!...what a shame, that people can't be proud of their heritage/nationality.