Gang Steals Several Hundred Thousand Euros of Louis Vuitton Goods


Feb 8, 2007
The Palace

November 25, 2011

VUITTON HEIST: French police are investigating the theft of several hundred thousand euros' worth of Louis Vuitton merchandise at the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport on the outskirts of Paris, a source close to the inquiry said Friday. No further details were available, as the probe was still ongoing, said the source, who requested anonymity in accordance with official policy regarding police investigations in France.

:shocked: Five masked thieves neutralized a security guard and four employees at the airport’s freight terminal overnight, making off with around 10 pallets of merchandise valued at a minimum of 300,000 euros, or $400,760 at current exchange, according to French news agency AFP. Officials at Louis Vuitton declined to comment on the report. Earlier this month, thieves made off with parts of the Marc Jacobs spring sample collection in London.


Oct 20, 2010
That's crazy, I think the economy almost everywhere in the world is making people do crazy desperate things for money, on the news in Boston last week four guys in bright daylight on a main street attacked a woman for her purse when she fought back they all started kicking her, what if she only had 20 bucks in there, makes me scared!!


Jan 20, 2008
New England
WTF? :wtf: That actually makes me really mad. It's like these people can't make an honest living? Seriously???

I'm not trying to sound like a smarta$$, but stuff like this doesn't help the impending price increase that us honest, and hardworking individuals will have to pay for a bag or whatever. I know 300,000 Euros is a very small loss for LV, considering how much money the company is worth... but still, they're going to have to make up for it SOMEwhere.

This just disgusts me... :hysteric:


Dec 22, 2008
thanks for posting nat. it makes me so mad when this happens. this is another reason I only buy from the stores now, I wonder how soon they will be up on evil bay lol I would die if I was sold a stolen product.

and don't get me started on what I think of people who do this. just know karma will get you!