Gancini City Tote reviews

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  1. I recently saw the Gancini Leather City Tote while in Vegas. The leather was light weight and pretty but bc it also was thin, I was a little nervous about it as an often-used tote. I'm wondering if anyone has a wear 'n tear review?

    Also, its zipper is short and doesn't close fully from side to side. It's located under the handles, in the middle of the bag. Closing the zipper requires placing the tab into the zipper head, like zipping a coat. I think this would be irritating unless the zipper could be opened almost all the way without it fully opening on its own and releasing the tab. Any thoughts?
  2. I do not have this bag, so no idea about wear and tear. The smooth calf skin is gorgeous!

    I would only use the zipper occasionally for the same reason you have pointed out. It is a nice touch when extra security is needed. In fact, there are other totes with full-length zipper that joins two separate leather panels on the top to close. Due to the fear of my own clumziness, I have stayed away from this style.
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  3. Thank you, I appreciate your thoughts.