Tech Games you play on your Mac

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  1. I'm currently playing farmville and some other games on FB but there are times when there's no internet access and I want to play games on my Mac. I'm wondering what are the games Mac users play that does not require an internet connection.
  2. I play Plants vs Zombies!
  3. I know the Mac comes with Chess and GarageBand, but they're both pretty boring to me. I went to and downloaded some games. You have to pay for them, but they are yours and you can play them without an internet connection and without inserting a DVD in your computer.
  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Oogolly, where did you get the games from? I've seen it on iphones but didn't know they have it for Mac.

    kemina22, I don't play those games as well. And thanks for link! I saw some games I'm familiar with like Sally's spa. I used to play cake mania and diner dash. Hehe :P Didn't know they have Mac version.
  5. got it from, its a lot of fun!
  6. Thanks, Oogolly! =) It looks fun. Hope it's not too difficult to play LOL
  7. One that I spend crazy amounts of time playing is Civilization IV. I have lost entire years of my life to all of the Civilization games. Civ5 is coming out for Windows, but a Mac date hasn't been announced yet. *weeps*

    Popcap has a lot of "casual" games (stuff like Bejeweled). You can also check for games.
  8. Thanks for the link, Vendrazi. Sounds like you're totally hooked on Civilization. LOL. I can relate to that. There was a period I was crazy about cake mania until I got tired of it after playing cake mania 1,2 and 3. Then it was farmville. Kept checking in on my crops. Also played cafe world, yoville, treasure isle but stopped after a while.
  9. Vendrazi, the link you gave me is undergoing updates hence not available right now. Hope they'll have new games added!
  10. and thats all I need. thanks
  11. I love plants vs. zombies!
    I play it on my IPhone, but it would be cool to also be able to play it on my Mac!
  12. You have to use the DVD, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sims 2 for my mac!
  13. WOW, always, but I need the Cross Game software because my server doesn't support MAC.
  14. STARCRAFT 2!!! wow... its my favourite game that one n world of warcraft, both very easy to learn :biggrin:
    u girls hould make it!
    (btw I play wow on kael'thas server :biggrin:)