Game: Pick her bag

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  1. i'm super tired and heading to bed, but wanted to get the ball rolling on something i often play by myself when i'm people-watching (pick the best H bag to suit a random person on the street). post pics here of women and let's see who can pick the best H bag to suit each (design, style, leather, color, hw).
    (pic from
  2. Etoupe Massai PM in swift.
  3. more pics to work on - so be specific who you are matching with what:
    (pics from
    lvfront.jpg lvdot.jpg lvtan.jpg lvskt.jpg
  4. i'm not feeling a massai here ... maybe worn messenger. but what hw?
  5. OK....THIS is FUN!!!!!!

    I think this lovely woman would have a little something in Blue Jean tucked her basket. 30cm Blue Jean Togo Birkin with Palladium!
  6. TPM Etoupe Evelyne
  7. 30 cm Etoupe or Orange Lindy
  8. 1 Lady on the bike a massai or evelyne in gold.
    2 Lady in black coat either a black or miel crocodile Kelly
    3 lady pink ostrich 30 cm birkin
    4 lady something etoupe...
    5 lady a black massai.
  9. For the pretty girl with bike,How about a bigger sized bebop in blue jean or rouge h.Or maybe a picotin,in bariena?
  10. A Graphite all leather Garden Party that she can drop inside her basket.

  11. Oh yes a gp would be perfect^^
  12. for the girl on the bike, a kelly ado backback in havane..

    for this one...chevre birkin in raisin or vermillion.

    for this one:
    35cm kelly etoupe with fuschia piping

    for this one...turquoise or potiron birkin PH

    for this one:
    so many choices for this last one: 35 cm red kelly,
    black kelly, perhaps a brighter color?
  13. for the girl in the plume hanging in her bike handles or inside her basket with a scarf tied up in plume handles (yes, just like in the scarf booklet):smile:
  14. 1. Girl with bike: Picotin PM gold clemence
    2. Kelly Pochette black Swift
    3. Kellly Longue black Swift
    4. Lindy etoupe clemence
    5. Kelly elan, black chamonix/gold hardware
  15. 1) "Bike Girl" - Orange pm picotin
    2) "Black Coat Girl" - Black Box Kelly with new Kelly Caleche scarf in B/W with red edge.
    3) "Black/White Fuschia Coat Girl" - White Bolide
    4) "Taupe Lady" - Honey Croc Birkin
    5) "Black Coat Taupe Skirt Girl" - Kelly Black Box Clutch

    Thanks ! Fun game!