Game Of Thrones - The books

  1. I found I needed to pay more attention especially with the first one. It's definitely different than the other 75 books of Paranormal smut I usually read. :graucho: But it's truly worth it!
  2. I think it took me about four days to get past the beginning and then after that I couldn't put it down.
  3. If you have the new paperback there's an appendix at the back - it'd still take a lot of flippign through all those names but it might help. Also here's a thread about various game of thrones references:

    I've just started. I can tell it's gonna be slow and I might get a bit lost.
  4. I have only been reading it for a day and already I cannot put it down. I really didn't expect to enjoy it. Which is usually how I feel about books that everyone is talking about. Sometimes I get lucky and find a new favorite!

    No, I downloaded them from epubbud. :biggrin: Maybe I should pick up the paperback though. I have started kinda renaming some of the characters to something that I can easily remember. And some of the characters I already hate after about 100 pages.
  5. The ePub may have the appendix ePub file did. Very informative stuff! I love seeing the family banners and their mottos.

    What's funny is that some of the characters you start out hating will end up being among your
    favorites at the end. That's one of the why GRRM is so
    brilliant - his characters show a lot of growth, some more than others, very few characters are solely evil or solely good.
  6. Ok, so maybe I won't hate them so much. :smile: I don't know if mine has an appendix on or. Was yours at the beginning or end? I am always worried when I download books from there that I will be missing something.
  7. My appendix is at the end. I hope your ePub has it!
  8. OMG! I can't believe Petyr and ......! Everything is turning out CRAZY!
  9. yep, it has an appendix and maps.
  10. I am having serious trouble getting anything done since I don't want to stop reading this book! Love it!
  11. ^I just finished book 3 and trying to stop myself from moving on. I completely understand not wanting to stop.
  12. I think I read all five in about four weeks because I couldn't put them down. Once I finish the current book I'm reading I will probably start them again and read them slowly.
  13. I am trying really hard not to rush through them! I just don't want to be done and waiting impatiently for the next book to come out.
  14. I think I'm going to read some vampire drivel before the next book.

    Sweetwon...if you think the first book is good, wait until you read the next two. All I can say is :ps:
  15. I rushed through the series the first time and will definitely reread them slowly!