Game Of Thrones - The books

  1. I know it's taken awhile, but I'm finally starting this thread. I hope we can keep this alive, because it's a fantastic series. I wish we could have done these as a book of the month topic.

    Oh well...I'm half-way through book 3- A Storm of Swords and loving it. I try not to read more than 2 chapters a day because I dread whats next and I don't want it to end.

    The order of the books are:

    1. A Game Of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)

    2. A Clash of Kings

    3. A Storm of Swords

    4. A Feast For Crows

    5. A Dance With Dragons

    and who knows when the remainders will be released.

    6. The Winds of Winter
    7. A Dream of Spring
  2. When I finished Dance with Dragons, I was so sad :sad: Now, I'm suffering withdrawal. I think I'll reread the series and maybe rewatch season 1 of the show. Can't wait until the next book is released, but it'll be a couple/few years!

    This series rates up there with Lord of the Rings for me, and I'm a huge fan of those!
  3. My hubby is on Dance With Dragons now. And to think he didn't want to start the first. He's doing a great job not spoiling anything for me, but I am bracing myself for horrible (and great) things to come.

    pinklepurr: You must be excited for The Hobbit (movie). I'm just happy that Aidan Turner is in it (Kili).
  4. oh, I'm so excited, I can barely stand it :smile: I've always loved The Hobbit and am sooooo happy they're finally making it into a movie!

    At least the GoT books are reaaaaallly long....they'll last you a while at that pace! Maybe until season 2 starts ;)
  5. I will be reading this series... My friend is reading them and she LOVES them. I am looking forward to starting the series!
  6. I am planning to start the series as soon as I finish Hit List. Gotta catch up on Anita Blake first!
  7. i just picked this series up. I happened into the public library and they had the first 4 books on their feature shelf. i'm on the 2nd book, about the middle and i'm enjoying it. it's a little violent for my usual taste.. or maybe just more casually descriptive of the violence than i normally read, but i'm enjoying the characters and the storyline is pulling me forward.
  8. ^ I'm so glad to hear that. The second book was fantastc! I must say that his writing has improved much more in the third. I think in the first, there was a lot of time unaccounted for. Now the story is much more fluid and the characters and time frames are much more cohesive. It just flows better. I find myself as amazed at G.R.R.M's writing ability as the story itself.
  9. not to be annoying, but are there already several GoT threads.....I like to keep one thread going, so then you can refer to people's post....
  10. No...there is only this one in Books & Music. Both mods and other members suggested a separate book thread because it got confusing differentiating between appropriate T.V. "no book spoilers" and "spoiler ok" T.V. forum Book Vs. Show. :girlwhack:

    So talk about the books all you want here!! :yahoo:
  11. I just finished a Dance With Dragons and was so sad when I was done because who knows how long it will be until the next one. I absolutely love this series! I've had a number of friends ask me about the books because they watch the show and I tell them that if they enjoy Tolkiens writing style then they will like these. I loved the Lord of the Rings, but I actually think that I like these more, I love that Martin has a really good mix of male and female characters and that he spent a lot of time of developing them.

    I've found that there are characters that I loathed in the first couple of books but by book four I came to love them. I also have other characters that I originally loved that I now find myself wishing that he would kill them off. I'm pretty sure that I am going to start the series again.
  12. ^That's just how my husband feels. That's why I'm trying to take it slowly. There are very few series' that I read as they come out. I prefer to wait. Oh...and THANK YOU for not revealing it!

    My nephew refuses to read them. He was so disappointed with the "Dark Tower" series and how it ended. He felt tricked in the end and that he wasted years from book to book. I understand how he feels, because I read them start to finish AFTER they were completed and felt I wasted a couple of months of my life. *total exaggeration*

    I am 3/4 finished with "A Storm Of Swords" and although I knew that one or two specific characters would die, I was really upset how.
  13. Storm of Swords was the best and also the most difficult to read (heart=broken) :sad:
  14. You all are making me want to start this series right now! Only 100 more pages of hit list and I am starting the first book!
  15.'ll be ready tomorrow then?