Game of Thrones Season 6: NO BOOK SPOILERS

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  1. It's almost time. Well....we have to wait until April 24th but in the meantime the first official trailer for season 6 has been released! Getting excited now.
  2. I think their marketing for this show is so clever. They have been dropping bread crumbs about Jon Snow for the last year.
  3. I have no insight as I have not read the book, but I think he is still alive (via resurrection) but we may not find out until late this season or even next.

    What does everyone think?
  4. I think you are correct. I have not read the books either, but at this point, I don't think it matters.
  5. I was hoping we were caught up, but from what I understand there are still a couple of storylines that are not. I wish it were! Tired of running across spoilers
  6. I can't wait to watch the whole season of this show on TV with everyone else (instead of watching online a couple hours later - I got HBO just in time for last season's finale) and discuss the plot points.

    I don't know about John Snow. I'm assuming he's dead but I'd rather wait for the actual show to see what happens with that.

    I did see some photos from the upcoming season. Don't worry, I won't discuss them here. I also don't want to try to analyze them for what they might mean. Again, I'll wait until the new season.
  7. I'm sooooo looking forward to the new season! So much going on at the end of last season. I've read & heard some spoilers about the new season & I'm not sure about how they will play out. Just have to wait & see.
  8. Unfortunately, GRRM has dropped all but one project to get Winds of Winter out of 2017 so I don't think there's much of a chance of the show catching up to the books and HBO has hinted that the show will probably end at the 8th season.

    Regardless, I'm looking forward to the new season. The books are great but the show is great as well. I need to finish the last book before the season starts.
  9. Why do we have to recreate a new thread....

  10. The last one says Season 5, that is the only reason I did. If it just said Game of Thrones I would have left it
  11. I don't mind having a new thread for each season. It doesn't matter to me either way (I believe our thread for The Tudors was one continuous thread and we resurrected it as the new season started).
  12. I don't think he died. If he did, it would be clear. Ned, Rob, Joffrey...all were shown as clearly dead. There's a reason his death was left up in the air.
  13. I think the actor was quoted as saying he died, but you know this show, that could be just to drive us all crazy.:P
  14. There's a reason The Red Witch showed up at Castle Black just in time. I don't think that was a coincidence at all.
  15. New season means new additions to this site:

    It's fan art of the most iconic deaths of the show. Not only is this artist's work featured, you can see other people's submitted works, too.

    (Obviously, the art would contain spoilers if you haven't seen the episode yet, so maybe watch the episode first before looking at the website.)