GAME of THRONES - HBO - Seasons 1-3 **NO book spoilers!**

  1. I think Theon's crew never took in serious in the first place. I think they were placed with him to watch and test him to see how he would rule and when they grew tired of him, his men took things into their own hand, seized him and burned down Winterfell like a true heist would be.
  2. I am King Robert dies with no true born legitmate sons. If he had a known bastard son, would that son be entitled to the throne? If not, why would Goffrey want to kill Roberts illegitimate children?
  3. I'm thinking that even a bastard of the king would override Joffrey's claim to the throne, since the bastard has the king's blood in him. Just a guess though, but that'd probably explain why Joffrey felt threatened. He hinted that he suspected the rumors of Cersei's relationship was true in one episode.
  4. Did he know what Jon Arryn and Ned had found with the illegitimate children (all dark-haired)? If so, maybe he wanted to make sure that no one else would suspect he was Jaime's and question his right to the throne?

    Could be wrong, but I thought if Joffrey was de-throned, then it would go to Stannis as the next Baratheon heir?
  5. Rightfully, the throne should've gone to Stannis when Robert died since Joffrey isnt Robert's son, but the Lannisters pressed their claim since I guess his "son" Joffrey has a higher standing than his brother. I'm just guessing that the son is considered 1st before the brother.
  6. I could be remembering this wrong, but I think Cersei was the one who had Robert's bastard children killed.
  7. I thought Cersei was disgusted by this and that it was Goffrey. I was just wondering that if Robert had any known bastard sons if they throne would transfer to him before Stannis....but I guess not. I know Robert did not know about this son (that we know of) or acknowledge him the way Ned did Jon Snow....but if he did, would it go to him....I don't think it would but was not sure.
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    I don't think Robert knew, I think the previous hand (Ned's predecessor) had been providing for the baby but not the king? I'm not sure it works either, technically Gendry would be the next in line over Joffrey, but since he was not formally recognized Ned backed Stannis?

    I try to have sympathy for him, but he makes it hard. He had a rough place in life, his father gave him away to the enemies who killed his brothers & was always an outsider even if Robb said he considered him a brother. He tries, but is such a loser I get embarrassed for him (dealings with Osha and Roz, just being a bumbling fool, meeting his sister, letting the fishermen convince him to take the Stark's place), although he surprised me with that speech at the end. If he lives a bit longer maybe he will turn out to be a good leader/fighter.
  9. Wow, I can't believe the season is over!!! So much happened!!

    The Dany I was waiting for is here!!! I admit I was giving up with this bratty, entitled attitude she's had most of the season but I'm so excited she is finally disovering/embracing her power!! I'm glad she locked those two in the vault... people need to take her seriously from now on. The thing I don't understand is.. if she has dragon's blood what exactly does that mean? Did a dragon have sex with a human 1000s of years ago? Lol, that part is so confusing for me. I like to understand origins. And why was her brother so normal?

    I agree I think Sansa was laughing/smiling because she thought she'd be able to go home. Poor thing. But I do think it was wise of her to lie to Littlefinger... she really doesn't know who she can trust. I still don't like her but I think she's making smarter decisions. I do think she should've left with the Hound though.
    "Loved you from afar" lmao!!! Ol girl (don't remember her name) had me weak on that one. She's real thirsty to be queen. I'm interested to see if Geoffrey can handle her.

    Shay/Tyrion {swoon} I knew they'd fallen for each other. I can't believe how his whole family treats him!!! There is no way they would've won if he hadn't done his parts. He would make a great king. I wonder what he will do now? And that's especially foul of his father who sent him there to take his place as Hand of the King in the first place. Just outright cruel.

    I find the white walkers / Jon Snow storyline very boring. I just can't get into it.

    Rob's dumb. Marrying that girl is definitely gonna bite him later.

    I wonder what the bald guy is cooking up with that pro? Don't remember either of their names but he's a clever one. I'm sure he has something interesting cooking up.

    Well my only consolations in waiting a year for next season is TrueBlood and reading the books to give me some more insight. Smh, it goes by way too fast.
  10. I heard the new season isn't until March. Uggggh.
  11. i only read the thread up to page 10, as i have only started watching this show yesterday. i got up to season 1, episode 4. will start episode 5 today when i get home from work. sooooooo addicting!!! i wish i can join the conversation right now but i have to catch up first!!

    btw, my favorite so far is jon snow :smile::smile::smile: tho i also think ned stark (sean bean) is an amazing actor!!
  12. I can't wait for season 3! It was the best book IMO. I obviously won't spoil anything but a lot of crazy stuff happens. They are splitting it into 2 seasons though.
  13. Yeah I heard that about the 2 season split. I used to check out GOT on Facebook. I recommend anyone who has not read the books do NOT read the comments. I was spoiled on 2 major plot twists that I never expected by reading the FB comments. Now I only check out the official posts but not the comments.