GAME of THRONES - HBO - Seasons 1-3 **NO book spoilers!**

  1. I think that as long as its not something from the book that hasnt been seen on the show, thats OK...but if its a real HUGE spoiler, like what happened to Bill at the end of Big Love, for example, and you JUST saw it, it might be nice to use the spoiler tags.

    for example, I am several hours behind the east coast and had to avert my eyes in the TB and BL threads, not that I really mind:p

    Its more important for peeps to have fun and enjoy the thread, I think! :tup:

    But, since we have the spoiler tags now we may as well use them for some stuff, KWIM?
  2. I really liked it. I can't wait to discuss the show. Enjoy!
  3. Admat, great catch on this show!

    I really enjoyed this episode.

    The Lannisters, sneaky, sneaky, sneaky and I'm thinking the Queen's son is not the Kings....

    The Blonde people, WOW, that brother is EVil, EVIL, EVIL!!!

    And the Drothagians(spelling) SEXY, SEXY, SEXY! LOL For some reason, I believe he is going to be better for the Blonde girl than her brother...

    Ned Starks illegitimate son, I already see he will play a BIG role is this series.

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of this series.

    Lots of incest, ewwww!

    That guys who is a dwarf, he gets a lot of roles!!!

    I may have to read the book!
  4. I need to watch the episode again more carefully.. DH has been in the hospital since Thursday and I'm so exhaused, I was nodding off while watching. I did like what I saw though!
  5. I really liked the show. I will put the book on my to-read list =)

    I could have gone without all the incest lol
  6. UGH!! It's so hard to to comment on books here!!!!
  7. Geez! This show is hardcore.
  8. ^^Yup, Poor Bran, and the Wildings in the forest, scary!
  9. I really like the show! It's amazing how they "built" the Wall. I never imagined it like that. I like the cast although I think that they could have lighten the brows of Daenerys, it was kinda distracting as she was supposed to have silvery hair. I can't wait to see the development of Daenerys as the series progresses.

    Charles, the book is pretty brutal and intense. Even dh was surprised that I love this series.

    Did anyone see the face on the Heart Tree of Winterfell? It was hard to see but it's there. Looks a bit like Treebeard. lol
  10. I've never read the books and the blond girl and her brother.. He is so evil.. and creepy. poor girl :sad: The episode was pretty good so far. The little boy that was pushed out the window I felt bad for him and his family. His brothers will seek revenge due to his death I'm sure.
  11. Awesome stuff!
  12. I've been looking forward to this for awhile now, and was not disappointed. The show is really visually interesting. I haven't read the books, and so don't have everyone's name straight yet, but I do think they're doing a pretty good job of introducing the characters.

    Can't wait to see what happens next week!
  13. ARrrrg, I tired to download the books to my Nook, but my library doesn't have it....they only have the audio books.

    Yes!!!! My City library has all 4 copies and one anthology with all of them!!!!
  14. I agree. But holy **** did he pack on the pounds for this role, as did Sean Bean. WOW.

    LOL Peter Dinklage, he is PERFECT for that role. PERFECT.

    DH is obsessed with these books so I knew most of the story already but he was KILLING ME with the CONSTANT pausing and explaining. LET ME WATCH IT. SHEESH.

    I mostly know how a lot of this will "end" as far as where the books have ended so I am curious if he will ever finish the book series or if he's completely abandoned them for this.
  15. I noticed that the characters appear authentic while Camelot looks like modern actors in Renaissance costumes. The kings champion and Gwenevere look like typical HW actors..