Game: Name these Celebs bags!!

  1. Annnnnnnd, GO!
    michelle.jpg hilaryhaylie.jpg katemossritz2.jpg jessica.jpg elisha3.jpg
  2. 1, Who's the Celeb, possibly MJ bag? Her legs are skinny.
    2, Who are these 2? seen this bag on another members photo page (can't remember who, sorry)
    3, Who's that? She looks short, no idea on the bag
    4, Pass, but she can match shoes and a bag. Rock on.
    5. Who cares about the bag, WTF is she wearing?

    I don't think I scored very well. I think I live under a rock and absolutely cannot name one of those women.
  3. 2. Mizi
    4. Fendi B-Bag.

    I'm no good at this!!
  4. 3. chloe (?)
  5. 1. michelle williams
    2. haylie and hilary duff
    3. kate moss
  6. if only the pictures were a little bigger....
  7. Number 4, KOOBA Marcelle

  8. 1. Michelle Williams
    2. Duff sisters
    3. Kate Moss
    4. Jessica Alba
    5. Elisha Cuthbert
  9. click on them then expand the window, then hover in the right bottom corner and if a grey box thing appears click it once ;)

  10. 1) Bulga - large studded hobo - M Williams
    2) LV - mizi vienna - Duff sisters
    3) Chloe - betty large python satchel - Kate Moss
    4) Coach -daphne large pocket satchel - Jessica Alba
    5) Kooba -lucy tote - E Cuthbert

    What do I win?!....a Hermes Birkin, Chanel 2.55, :smile:
  11. holy crap, you are now "the don" of bag id.
  12. Thanks pursemama! I guessed right on all of them. Actually, the only one I was unsure of was the Betty. I knew it was chloe, but unsure of which one.

    Yes, you win an imaginary Birkin!! Oh I wish!

    Let's play again!!!!
  13. Jessica Alba carries Coach??????
  14. All the time! I've seen recent pictures of her with the pleated hobo in black, and some gold Coach shoes.
  15. oh let's play again, it's so fun!