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  1. Hi, Ive made up this game and you have to complete the sentence, The theme is fake LV :

    "I hate it when..."

    right heres mine, I hate it when someone buys a fake, puts it on eBay and thinks they've got the most amazing fake ever designed, and no one will find out its fake, so they put it on for $1000. :yucky:
  2. "I hate it when . . . "

    someone buys a fake and carries it knowing it's a fake and doesn't care that it's a fake.
  3. "I hate it when..."

    Someone bought a fake and pretend that it's an authentic piece and tried to show off with it... Ugghh...
  4. "I hate it when..."

    People that own only one LV bag/small leather good think they know everything about LV.


    People that call Monogram Canvas bags "the brown ones". :censor: :rant:
  5. "I hate it when..."

    People carry their fakes and are not in the least bit ashamed of announcing at the top of their voices to anybody who will listen that it was a fake that their uncle/aunt/cousin bought for only $150 from Canal Street and they managed to save over $1000.
  6. "I hate it when"

    Someone who buys fakes, tells those who buy the real thing, "it's stupid, to spend so much on that, when I can get one that looks exactly like it for much less"
  7. "I hate it when........."

    People knowingly buy a fake, yet still reckon they look fabulous, and act snotty! lol!
  8. OMG rose you're from liverpool, down the road from me ! :biggrin:
  9. Ha Ha Ha socialite! OMG, another person from here! YAY! lol, Where about in Liverpool r u from!
  10. well not liverpool, St Helens, but people ask "wheres that" so I say Liverpool, your the closest thing to us ! lol
  11. OMG, cool! Welcome to the PF lol!
    So r u a big LV fan?
  12. lol thanks, yeah Im a massive LV fan, im only 16 but started collecting when I was 14 so I love it, what about you ?
  13. i hate when..

    people ask me how much the bag is and then proceeds to tell me what 'better' things they can do with the $$.
  14. Aw cool, i'm only 15 myself, but i've been obsessed with LV since I was about 13, and have since trying my best to gather a collection, and persuade my Dad to buy me as much as possible lol!
    So what bags do you have?
  15. Oh, I absolutely hate this too..! The guilt trip... Eww... What a mood spoiler..! :Push:
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