GAME! Describe The Person:

  1. Has a beautiful smile :smile:
  2. BagAngel has a lot of awesome bags!
  3. ^^^Has great taste in movies!
  4. ^^^gonna have the greatest wedding soon! CONGRATS!
  5. ^Has a lovely LV collection!
  6. ^ Has an amazing collection that includes LV, Chanel, MJ, Fendi, Gucci, Kooba to name a few...
  7. Just joined tPF....welcome!!!!!
  8. :heart: the necklace on your avatar!
  9. Is such a thoughtful person!
  10. A nice lady from Rio Grande City!
  11. Lives in Hong Kong....awesome place I'd like to visit!
  12. ^ will soon be celebrating her wedding day
  13. ^has a great avatar!
  14. has some great LV handbags!
  15. is a real angel and the best of eBay