GAME! Describe The Person:

  1. This is just a simple game. Just describe the person who posted before you! Fun right? Wahehehehe......Say sumthing nice ahh..Ahihihi
  2. ^^^Outgoing and funny:yes:
  3. ::Bump:: C'mon I can take
  4. Looks like tinkerbell! :biggrin:
  5. Has a cute kid!
  6. a fast typer! hehe!
  7. The person above me is pregnant (congrats!)
  8. Has the cutest little baby in her avatar.
  9. Has two wonderful kids!
  10. Has two very ADORABLE cuties who love to have fun in cars like my own kids!!!

    edit: for iqaganda~ loves chanel!
  11. Has a very classic avatar
  12. very active to the forum! 593 posts!
  13. is engaged! CONGRATULATIONS!
  14. Has great taste in bags!
  15. has a special connection to the no.85