GAME! Corrupt My Wish

  1. The object here is to write a wish.
    The next person to reply grants your wish, but there's a consequence or twist to it... she/he then writes another wish, which the next person corrupts. Another rule is that you must wait a few more posts to post again.


    1st person: I wish it wasn't raining today.

    2nd person:
    Granted, but it you are sick in bed all day
    I wish I won $$$ for the purse of my choice

    3rd Person:
    Granted, but they are sold out every where you go.
    I wish my DH cooked dinner for a whole month.

    4th Person:
    Granted, but he only cooked what he wanted to eat

    Okay, I'll start.

    I wish it was 5 o'clock so that I would be off of work.
  2. Granted - but only because you have been made redundant

    (ok that felt mean!):sad:
  3. :roflmfao: OK... I'll try.

    Granted - But you have to go to a company dinner party and make a presentation at 6.

    I wish I had a Balenciaga bag in every color of the rainbow.
  4. Granted, but they're all the same style.

    I wish I could cook like the chefs on Top Chef.
  5. Granted, but you have to develop your own show.

    I wish I could get cosmetic surgery on a certain part of my anatomy...
  6. Granted, but it will be a horribly ugly outcome

    I wish I had a new puppy
  7. Granted, but the puppy has a medical condition and will only live a few months.

    I wish I had a huge walk-in closet.
  8. Granted, but the roof will cave in and ruin all your clothes.

    I wish I could donate some money to one of my favorite charities.
  9. Granted but you gave all your money away and you can not buy anything.

    I wish i could have a million dollars.
  10. granted, but you will get sued for (and loose) $2 mill.

    I wish I could have a bigscreen TV.
  11. Granted, but the only channel it will broadcast is the weather channel.

    I wish that Minnesota would be warm all year long.
  12. Granted, but then the polar icecaps melt.

    I wish I could be young again.
  13. Granted, but then you must lose all your wisdom and knowledge.

    I wish I was done with school.
  14. granted, but you will never get a good paid job and is stuck washing the toilets at Wal-Mart (no offense to those who actually does that)

    I wish I was 4 inches taller.
  15. Granted, but you can only wear the pants you own now.

    I wish airfare was free.