Gambler bag dice replacement

  1. Hey, has anybody had the dice replaced on their gambler. If so much how much does it cost to have done and did you attach the new ones yaself or send the bag away? thank you
  2. Sorry, I can't offer advice as I'm not that familiar with Dior. The gambler sounds intriguing. Will you please post a pic? :yes:
  3. bump because i would love to know too! (just in case i loose a die one day!)
  4. When I got mine my husband asked about that. The SA said should be a minimum charge and I'll have to turn the bag in for repair. Well, what Dior say "minimum" is all relative. But they can replace it for you.

    Good luck :yes:
  5. I wish I had a gambler. It's one of my favorite Dior's.