Gambini and Nicoli...

  1. Has anyone heard of the label Gambini? By freak chance I stumbled across a rather lovely patent leather number in TK Maxx of all places but it's still selling for £200 which seems fairly pricey given it's 1) in TK Maxx and 2) I've never heard of the brand. If it were in a boutique and I could ask questions that'd be another thing entirely but it's not.

    There were several Nicoli bags too.

    If you have any experience with either label... please, let me know. It's piqued my curiousity!
  2. Hi - I was searching for some Gambini pics and came across your question - I know it's rather later, but Gambini bags are nice Italian bags that aren't imported here often. I have a friend in Italy that found some on sale and I was finding pics to let her know which ones to get me. They are high quality - have seen them on UK sites for close to $1000. I have a Nicoli bag - same thing - nice quality, Italian, but not often imported here - I love the one I have - it's kind of "rock 'n roll". My friend is European and shops all the big names and she really likes the Gambini bags.
  3. This is wonderful, because I recently purchased a Gambini bag. I can tell its good quality because the leather is super soft but I bought anyway even though it was expensive for TJ Maxx and I am happy I did. I will try and post pics of it soon.
  4. Saw a Gambini Pleated black leather handbag in the Hilton Hotel gift shop in Vienna recently, was 475 pounds, well over $600 USA. It was stunning and I can't find it anywhere on the web. TJ Maxx... grab it.
  5. i was at Marshalls today looking for a new bag for school, and i came across this gorgeousssss nicoli leather bag at the checkout for $250. it had the option of handels, or a sholder strap plus outside pockets. black leather, lots of zippers, tonsss of space! it was sooo cute, but i wasnt sure to buy it or not. thank gawd for TPF, you can find the answers to all your purse&jewelry needs on here! so now im defidentally going back to buy that bag!!!
  6. Hi, Im new to this site and I joined because I found this "thread" when I searched "NICOLI" handbags. I found 2 beautiful Nicoli bags today at Marshalls, they are beyond soft. One is white, its more of a patent leather, but full leather and the other was a "faded mango" colored purse, this one was so soft and they were both $ 69.99 and buttery soft as can be. BUT I did not buy them as of yet, I put them on "Hold" and I came home to look up the brand...and here I am....HELLO everyone..
  7. looking for information on a NICOLI Crossover Bag I found at TJ Maxx today.