Gals with PRADA boots (or shoes) ...

  1. I have a question for you - I *think* I've located a pair of these PRADA boots


    but having never owned or even tried on PRADA footwear, I need your input on how PRADA fits - true to size, smaller, bigger? I normally wear size 8 US (39 Italian). Any info would be greatly apprecited! TIA!:flowers:
  2. I have those exact boots and found them to be true to size....don't even think you need to size up much when converting betw. US and European size in this shoe. (Most) Prada shoes, unlike say, Jimmy Choos or Louboutin's, are cut on the large/wide side (compared to other high-end European designer shoes). So if you're a US 8, I think a 38 or 38.5 would probably work in this shoe.
  3. ^^i have these boots also, i agree that they are true to size
  4. I am half size smaller in Prada and i have many pairs(boots, trainers, high heels,flats). It is always the same... hope this helps...
  5. Prada is pretty much TTS.
  6. For me, they're always a 1/2 size smaller, but i usually get their sandals. On the other hand, miu miu i'm more true to size with their shoes.
  7. For me, the boots run true to size; however, with some wear it tends to stretch a bit.
    As for all the others (ie: pumps, sandals, flats), with the original Prada line, I run 1/2 size smaller.
    As for the Prada Linea Rosa line, that depends. I could be 1/2 size smaller or even a full size smaller.
    I suggest you first going to a dept. store and finding the general guide to your fitting.
  8. I find Prada shoes really comfortable, but as some mentioned the leather does stretch.
  9. I just bought Prada boots yesterday at NM and found that the new ones ran small this year..I had to go to a 39 instead of a 38 1/ was weird..they ran small...usually that never happens
  10. ITA. I'm a true "American" 8.5; however, in Manolos I take a 39.5 (for comparison). In Prada, a 38.5 fits me.
  11. I think Prada shoes are normally 1/2 size smaller. You can compare it with other italian brands like Gucci ant Tods. I always have to go down 1/2 size in italian shoes.
  12. Prada shoes are my favorite. I actually size down about half a size in Prada shoes. I'm usually a 36.5 or 37 and I went down to a 36 in a pair of peep-toe flats I bought last weekend!
  13. H_addict - Please share where you found these boots because I have been searching for VB's boots since last fall. They sold out pretty quickly, although I did recently see these boots in brown on sale at Prada, unfortunately it was a size 5.
  14. Those boots are true to size!
  15. I find Pradas are 1/2 size smaller.