Gals in Singapore who buy Chanel from o/s and ship here: are you always charged GST??

  1. Calling all Singaporean Chanel lovers, can you pl tell me if you are charged GST (Goods & Services Tax) on your Chanel purchases shipped from overseas? TIA! Early this year, I purchased a Miu Miu bag from net-a-porter and wasn't charged GST!
  2. I dont think so if your seller is willing to mark down the value less than USD 400 and as a gift. Yea... that is wht singpost told me about the price min. when they will start charging GST.

  3. Oh then I guess I can forget about it. Am not buying from eBay but shipping from a Chanel boutique in the US and it's definitely above USD400 :crybaby:

    Thanks for the info though luvbaggies!
  4. hi shiny_hair,

    can i enquire how you go about that? do u call up the US boutique and have them ship the bag u want to u directly? or do u use courier services such as comgateway/ vpost?


  5. Hi isadora! I actually did it by email to the SA in question and not by phone. Haven't actually called them up yet but I think I will do so soon. I don't think courier services like vpost will do esp for these luxury goods, but I guess you can always check with them!
  6. Net-a-porter already includes GST in their price based on your location. It is shipped DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), which means you have already paid duty as part of your shipping costs.

    Shipping by any commercial courier, except the normal postal service (including EMS), will always incur GST, unless the seller under-declares the value of the contents. When shipped EMS, it is delivered by SingPost and most of the time, goes under the radar. However, about 20-30% of the time, I will be asked to produce the invoice and pay GST on the invoice value before being able to have the bag delivered.

    Shipping through vPost would always incur GST, unless, again the seller under-declares the value in their invoice, which you have to send to vPost anyway.

  7. Wow thanks a lot for the info Roxane! It really helps! I guess I won't be able to avoid paying the damn GST then! :sad:
  8. Hi shiny_hair,

    I was wondering how you go about finding bags in chanel boutiques in the US? Do you email various SAs to ask for the particular bag? Also do you have any SAs to reccomend to me as I would like to try buying a bag from the US. The stock in Singapore is rather limited. Thanks.

  9. Hi! Yes I did email some SAs to ask about the bag I wanted, the email addresses were given to me by some gorgeous and helpful PFers!!! I will PM you the ones I contacted.

    Hi tried to PM you but was unable to =(

    Try Carolyn from Nordstrom

    Joseph from Saks
    9177769353 (mobile)

    Carolyn was quite helpful for me but Joseph never replied. Good luck babe!
  10. Thanks shiny_hair. That was a quick reply!