Gals, I need to share this 2004 joy with you!

  1. Soooo... I have been dreaming of a black first for the longest time. I have a silver City and carry it in every nicer occasion, but I really wanted a more casual B-bag. But I am currently on a very low budget... then I went to Ebay, and I found a listing with all the odds: european seller (no taxes to pay), older, smooshy leather (purchased originally at the end of 2004), a purrrrfect black First. No signs of wear whatsoever, only the tassel are split. So I email the seller (0 feedback! I was sure it was a bogus listing) and I got an answer right away. She sent me more pics, copy of the original receipt, copy of the Visa receipt. Everything positive. I was ready to wait until the end of the auction but incredibly the seller agrees to sell it to me for the starting price of the auction (500 Euro). I decided to risk, bought the bag, paid right away... the seller was a doll. She sent the bag by DHL the day after - i.e. yesterday - and today I got the bag, and it's gogeous!!!

    It's so soft squishy and smushy, no smells of any sort, minor scratches on the mirror but they do not bother me. Overall, a great purchase. I was so happy and relieved and for once I was happy to help a 0 feedback seller to build her reputation!!!

    I am so happy, for maybe the first time in my life I feel I have won at the Casino!

    PS: I owe LouiseyPeasey a dinner! If you ever come to Firenze, please let me know! :nuts:

    So, here it is, my new baby! I will post more pics tomorrow, with daylight, and maybe with Big Sister Silver City! :wlae:
  2. oh, congrats, Frau! she's absolutely fabulous:love: so happy everything worked out with this seller-she sounds wonderful :flowers:
    LP is a great person too;)
  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! There's nothing like the older bags!!! Enjoy it very much!
  4. Gorgeous! Congratulations on your fabulous new bag!
  5. You are right... older bags are just... I don't know. Different. I went to Gerard a couple of days ago, they carry Balenciaga and I was contemplating a black Whistle bag. Nice bag, but the leather is so distressed that it looks more grey than black. All the black bags that were in store (they had also what I judged to be a men's messenger) had the same "defect" for me (although I'm sure some PFers like them more that way). The older leather smells different, is soft and it just looks sturdier somehow. I would not be so worried of scratching it or seeing it flaking like some of the new leathers.
  6. wow! What a lucky find! Enjoy her, shes beautiful!
  7. :drool:
  8. Amazing find! Gives us all hope that there's still good deals out there. :flowers:
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!! I am so happy you found what you have been looking for!!!
  10. Frau, she's beautiful! :love: Congrats on such a great find!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Can't wait to see the family shot with her sis! :nuts:
  11. Frau, congrats! What a fabulous find. And love your avatar.
  12. there's just something about black firsts... i think it's the bag that i'd still love to bits even 20 years later!!! i must get one, definitely!
  13. May I introduce you Yomo, my white kitty-cat? He and his two siblings make my life happier... :smile:
  14. Congrats, she's lovely!
  15. Aw, congratulations, Fraublucher!! I'm glad it worked out. Vintage b-bags, and kitties - my two favorite things! :yes: