gals... i need hep

  1. finding these shoes

    but flats tho...

    I don't care what brand they are or how much (prefer cheap tho) as long as they look like these... i saw some girl at the mall was wearing the flats version of these satin pump... they are exactly like these Vuitton but just flats... not high heel pump...

    Does that make sense girls? i need these satin shoes in flat version BLACK asap....

    thanks a billion
  2. those are lv shoes.

    I'll keep my eyes open while surfing.
  3. I got a pair just like those except they were from Shoe Station. I bet they would have them in the flats too.
  4. Those are cute! I love flats. I will keep an eye out for them. I hope you find them.
  5. i know.. they're super cute and i can't find them anywhere... darn it
  6. I just checked ebay and they have the pair of shoes you're looking for! Actually they are from the same seller (amistyle) that you have previously posted! Hurry!
  7. ^^ idk if you did, so I pmed her!
  8. Ooops, looks like you posted in the Wardrobe, I'll move to the Glass Slipper for you.