Galop bracelet

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  1. I just purchased my pm galop bracelet. They don't have it in stock, but I ordered one...and a friend is going to pick it up and ship it to me:smile:. Just curious if anyone has a diameter measurement? Are there different sizes? I had a chance to try the gm was stunning! Just too big on my wrist...
    I'm getting a little nervous that I shouldn't have ordered it sight unseen. Thanks so much!
  2. It comes in short and standard.
  3. Does anyone know the diameter measurement of the short vs the standard size?
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    I bought mine during our local H silver event and there were all 3 sizes for me to try on, short , standard and large. My wrist circumference is about 14.5cm and I wear Cartier love bracelet size 17 loose.

    I bought the standard size, which is a little too big for me. It spins around my wrist sometimes and its heavy compared to the Love bracelet. I seldom wear mine but i adore the beautiful design.

    The shape is slightly oval, its longest diameter measures 5.5 cm across.

    It is a unique and gorgeous statement piece. Gongrats on finding one!
  5. Thanks so much for the input. I was looking on my receipt and it says sh in front of the numbers, so I'm hoping its the short? When I asked the sa, she said it only comes in one size?
  6. It definitely comes in 3 sizes.
  7. anmldr1, you may want to check the ode to silver thread under clubhouse. I saw a number of tPFers showcasing their galop bracelet. You may be able to get more information on measurements there. G'luck.
  8. yes SH means short = small
    ST = standard = medium
    LG = large