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  1. Hey everyone. I was finally ready to buy a Galliera, and now a friend of mine has told me that it was sold out at the LV store. Now I've noticed that on the French LV site, the bag is listed as unavailable as well.
    Is that just a coincidence, or is the bag sold out everywhere?
    And also, do you think the SA will tell me on the phone when there will be one available again? The LV store isn't near my home, so I would like to call first, as I wouldn't like to come home empty handed from my four hour trip.
  2. eLuxury has both Galliera styles in stock.

    If the store you call is sold out, they should have a waiting list they can put you one for when they become available. They might not know when exactly that is though.

    In the meantime, you could keep checking the website. New stock is added all the time!
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm from Europe, so I can't buy through eLuxury. The French website is sold out for quite some time now. But it's good to know there isn't a stock problem.

    Can you put yourself on a waiting list buy calling to the store? Or should you go to the store in person?
  4. They should be willing to put you on without going in person.
  5. Okay, thanks!
  6. This is a very popular bag, my store's waiting list keeps getting names, then empty, then more names again.