Galliera with hole in leather. Advice needed

Oct 7, 2009
I have had my Galliera for five years and baby this bag tremendously. I always keep it in the dustbag when not in use and don't use it if the weather forecast shows a chance of bad weather. So needless to say I have no idea how I got this tear in the leather.

I'm thinking either I got it caught in my desk drawer as that is where I keep it when I am at work or the when the bad is sitting the handles naturally fall and the leather kind of folds in on itself in just that area and hits the circular handle loop if that makes any sense at all.

Has anyone had this problem with their Galliera or any other LV bag for that matter? I'm not sure what to do. I'm afraid the tear is getting bigger as I have continued to use it. Does anyone know what would be involved in fixing it if I brought it to LV for repair? I'm thinking they would have to replace the whole leather trim which I do not want as I love the patina that has developed and don't want to start from scratch with the very light color leather.

This is such a bummer. I was thinking of selling it but know I will take such a hit on the price. What do you guys think?


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Apr 10, 2009
Only option is to replace the trim. My cat chewed on the trim of my NF and I got a hole too. Trim replacement was less than $100 and necessary. Unfortunately the patina of the trim and my bag doesn't match anymore but I'm working on it. The galliera is beautiful and one I wish I hadn't missed out on. I'd see what the cost of changing the top trim+strap is.


Mar 16, 2007
Let us know what LV says- I am sure this is a very common repair. You do not have much choice I am afraid. You will take a beating on the price if you try to sell in this condition b/c a buyer will likely want an adjustment for the damage repair. Unless you just do not want the bag any longer (I am not detecting this).

Good luck- sorry it happened :sad:


Apr 2, 2013
I have the same bag and have thought about having the top trim replaced just because it's gotten dark and wrinkly but like you said, I'm worried about how the different patinas will look. In your case though, I think it's something you must do before the tear gets even bigger. Good luck and keep us posted!